About Utah Handyman PRO LLC

Our History

UTAH HANDYMAN PRO LLC started in the fall of 2019 after listening to existing clients discuss how difficult it was to schedule a handyman to carry out home repairs in Taylorsville. During this time, the rapid growth of the Utah housing market affected home services, making it challenging for homeowners to find good quality workmanship to work on their properties. The initial idea was put on hold due to COVID-19 affecting the world in 2020.


Our Mission

We know how hard it is to trust someone to work in your house nowadays. Ultimately, our home is our most valuable investment, and we work hard for it. When home repairs happen, you must have someone reliable you can call when you need it.

Our mission is to be someone you can reach by knowing that we will care for your home. Because, in the end, our goal is to do more than just business: building relationships you can trust is our main priority.


Our Vision

UTAH HANDYMAN PRO LLC has big dreams of becoming the #1 Home Service Business in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. A dream like this comes with significant responsibilities. We want to be #1 in everything from offering premium services, to employing the best of the best, inviting the older & younger generation to love and be part of this beautiful trade by building a career, not just a job.

Our vision is to be the best known for what we do.